Podcast 3.1.16


Designing the Header

Designing the header for this site went pretty smoothly! I was lucky enough to know exactly what images I wanted visitors of this site to see first. I decided to take a few screen shots from RU-tv’s YouTube channel of the opening sequence for the Paint the Town Scarlet segment and edit them together into one image. My new header features animations of notable landmarks on each Rutgers New Brunswick campus. The Rutgers book store represents College Ave, Passion Puddle represents Cook/Douglass, the Biomedical Engineering building is the landmark for Busch and finally the business school is for Livingston campus. I think this header represents everything this site is about – a celebration of Rutgers and the wonderful things that are around us every day. I got these images from a former RU-tv graphic designer named Cheyanne Hidalgo who was awesome enough to create and animate an opening sequence for my segment when it first began in 2014. The screencaps are from Youtube. Using Pixlr came relatively easy to me because I have a lot of experience with non-linear video editing, which is very similar to photo editing. My memories of the numerous times I’ve used Adobe Premiere (and Photoshop) gave me a good grasp on color correction (brightness, contrast and saturation) as well as layering and cropping. In addition to Pixlr, I used another program to make a collage of my edited images which I then added back into Pixlr and edited the colors a bit to make them vibrant and saturated. I will continue to use my newfound Pixlr skills to edit more images for my site and maybe even edit some photos of my own. I found Pixlr to be a very user friendly photo editing program.

Setting Up This Site

Setting up this site was quite the struggle! Despite my journalistic and broadcasting background I found myself completely lost bringing “Paint the Town Scarlet” from t.v. to the web. After a few setbacks I managed to set up a header and a few working parts to the site! Visitors can now view the About page to learn more about “Paint the Town Scarlet” or the Meet the Editor page to learn more about me. In addition, the site now features a contact page as well as a page to submit ideas for content. With the base of the site built, I decided to go ahead and start customizing the homepage, adding a still from the “Paint the Town Scarlet” opening titles.

Here is a sneak peek!

Below: The Scarlet Knight high fives a student at the annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races, and, host, Jackie Kelly tells students all about the Rutgers Cinema.

Both images are borrowed from YouTube