She’s The First Screencast

Check out this screencast from It is a part of our collaborative campaign for She’s the First. Enjoy!


What to do at RU

Hello Everyone,

As part of my collaboration with Rose and Christa, I present to you a screencast about our non-profit, She’s The First. In this screencast I go over some of the way you can get active with the organization here at RU or wherever you are.

Its a really good cause so if you would like to learn more click here

If you would like to donate click here


If you would like to get active with She’s the First at Rutgers click here

If you would like to get active on your own click here

Thanks everybody and remember to get active!

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Collaboration Announcement

She's the First

Hello Audience! It’s Rose, the author of Paint the Town Scarlet RU . I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will joining forces with Christa Principato and Mark D’Agostino to publish a collaborative campaign. Since our sites address female body image and events in the New Brunswick community, we are going to produce a podcast, screen-cast and video that will teach you all about the Rutgers chapter of She’s the First, a non-profit organization that empowers women and hosts events on campus regularly. Paint the Town Scarlet RU will be making a video featuring interviews with members of She’s the First as well as information about the organization, and we’ll be publishing great guest posts by our partners. Stay tuned to Paint the Town Scarlet RU, What to do at RU, and Beauty Examined as the campaign unfolds, and visit She’s the First to learn about all of their great events.


Though this is the first screencast for my site, Ive used screencast-o-matic a few times before for the RU-tv Network. I think the program is fairly user friendly and easy to use. The most difficult part of creating this screencast for me was getting a solid recording. I messed up reading my script a couple dozen times until I realized I could stop and start recording allowing me to redo the most recent section of the script I stumbled on. I had been meaning to make a Top 5 Places to See/ Things to do at RU for a while now but had never considered using screencast. After finishing the project I think a screencast is the perfect medium for this. The top 5 that I chose are 5.Yoga For Everyone, 4. Schommer Observatory, 3. Ciclovia, 2. RU Muddy,  and 1. Raritan River Festival. These are the events/places that I, personally, had the most fun attending and the Paint the Town Scarlet’s that I most enjoyed. I also chose these particular events/places because in my time at Rutgers I have found that not a lot of student know about the top 5 and I would love if seeing my screencast encouraged bigger turnouts at any of these events/places. This experience was definitely positive overall and I think screencast-o-matic is a great program. I believe I will continue to make more screencasts in the future especially after the ease of creating this project

1st Podcast!

Making my first podcast was just as much as a struggle as setting up the site was! Though I’ve used Audacity for a broadcast news class, I still had trouble with the program (I had trouble last time too!) One thing that did come very easily was deciding on music to use because the Paint the Town Scarlet segment already has its own music which was conveniently from a free music site, so I decided to go with that. Something that was pretty tough about this was just getting a good recording. I must have messed up the script I had written about 15 times before I got a usable recording. Next I had some trouble with getting the music to balance out with the other track instead of completely overpowering it. After all of the obstacles I am happy with my first podcast. Im sure my next one will be much better and take less time now that I have more of a grasp on how Audacity works. Though I’ve never really listened to podcasts I do think there is a potential for me to start. I definitely like the idea of being able to just listen to something instead of having to watch, because it opens up the window of opportunity for you to get that content (you may not have time to sit down and watch t.v. but you have time to listen to a podcast while you do other things). I may continue to make podcasts for this site or maybe even for other projects I may have in the future. Overall the experience definitely taught me a lot about recording audio.