Though this is the first screencast for my site, Ive used screencast-o-matic a few times before for the RU-tv Network. I think the program is fairly user friendly and easy to use. The most difficult part of creating this screencast for me was getting a solid recording. I messed up reading my script a couple dozen times until I realized I could stop and start recording allowing me to redo the most recent section of the script I stumbled on. I had been meaning to make a Top 5 Places to See/ Things to do at RU for a while now but had never considered using screencast. After finishing the project I think a screencast is the perfect medium for this. The top 5 that I chose are 5.Yoga For Everyone, 4. Schommer Observatory, 3. Ciclovia, 2. RU Muddy,  and 1. Raritan River Festival. These are the events/places that I, personally, had the most fun attending and the Paint the Town Scarlet’s that I most enjoyed. I also chose these particular events/places because in my time at Rutgers I have found that not a lot of student know about the top 5 and I would love if seeing my screencast encouraged bigger turnouts at any of these events/places. This experience was definitely positive overall and I think screencast-o-matic is a great program. I believe I will continue to make more screencasts in the future especially after the ease of creating this project


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